Director - Māra Ķimele


Ingmar Bergman

The central person of the play is pianist Charlotte, who, while visiting her daughter’s family after seven years, is confronted with the past and the relationships with the two daughters, pressing over the years. The show is an opportunity to look into an outstanding personality’s and the relatives’ lives and understand a lot also for oneself without illusions and self-reproach.

Actors: Baiba Broka, Inga Tropa, Liena Šmukste, Ģirts Krūmiņš

Translation – Daiga Brasliņa

Director – Māra Ķimele
Stage designer – Austra Hauks
Costume designer – Jana Čivžele
Movements – Alise Putniņa
Light designer – Jānis Sniķers

Venue: the Big Stage
Duration: 1 h 45 min
Price: 5,00; 7,00; 10,00; 15,00 EUR

Premiere on January 7, 2016

By arrangement with Josef Weinberger  limited, London, on behalf of the Ingmar Bergman Foundation

Photographer - Jānis Deinats
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