Director - Alvis Hermanis


The initial starting point for this documentary performance was the intention of actor Vilis Daudziņš to trace out his grandfather who went missing after the Second World War. He didn’t succeed in finding any information from the state archives, but during his search he encountered three men with the same family name as his grandfather – Savickis – and all about the same age. One of them served during WW2 in Waffen-SS Legion and still propagates anti-Semitic ideas. Another one collaborated with the Red Army. And the third one had managed to fight on both sides.

Venue: the Small Stage Lāčplēša Street 25.
Prices: 10,00; 15,00; 18,00, 22,00 EUR.
Duration: 3 h 10 min (2 acts).
Premiere on January 16, 2009


Author and actor – Vilis Daudziņš
Director – Alvis Hermanis
Stage designer – Uģis Bērziņš


Photographer - Gints Mālderis
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