Director - Gatis Šmits


Performance based on a novel by Barbara Pym.

Two unmarried sisters live in a small provincial village and are each in her own way obsessed with the local clergy.
The play "Chrysanthemums" is based on Barbara Pym's novel "Some Tame Gazelle". The novel was published in 1950 and is recognized as one of the highest achievements of British writing in the 20th century. As if insignificant events of everyday life in an English village, in the author's vision, acquire epic proportions and tell about the touching and unpredictable nature of life.

Venue: the Big Stage Miera Street 58a
Prices: 15,00; 18,00; 20,00; 25,00 EUR.
Duration: 3 h 15 min (2 acts).
Premier on July 9, 2021


Director: Gatis Šmits
Stage design: Mārtiņš Vilkārsis
Costume design: Keita
Composer: Jēkabs Nīmanis
Light design: Lauris Johansons

Actors: Sandra Kļaviņa, Baiba Broka, Elita Kļaviņa, Andris Keišs, Jānis Skutelis, Dāvids Pētersons, Jana Čivžele, Regīna Razuma, Gundars Āboliņš.


Actors on the stage are smoking during the performance.

Photographer - Mārtiņš Vilkārsis
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