Director - Māra Ķimele


Henrik Ibsen

NORA (A Doll's House)

Nora is like an unrevealed mystery, like enigma, like a bird's cry at night, like a haze before the dawn. The secret of a fragile and strong at the same time personality. The play is a chance to experience Nora's way to herself.

Nora Helmer – Jana Čivžele
Torvald Helmer – Ivars Krasts
Dr. Rank – Kaspars Znotiņš
Kristine Linde – Iveta Pole
Nils Krogstad – Edgars Samītis or Andis Strods

Director – Māra Ķimele
Stage designer – Andris Freibergs
Costume designer – Jana Čivžele
Light designer – Jānis Sniķers

Venue: the Big Stage
Duration: 3 h
Price: 7,00; 10,00, 12,00, 15,00 EUR

There is smoking on the stage during the performance.

Premiere on March 29, 2017

Photographer - Jānis Deinats
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