Director - Māra Ķimele


William Shakespeare

Performance genre – a criminal story

Everyone has an idea of “Othello”. If not more, then at least so much that the moor in attack of jealousy strangles his beautiful and faithful wife Desdemona.

Many know and remember the fact that Othello is an outstanding military leader and a general of the Venetian Republic. With him – a black-skinned man, Desdemona, the senator's daughter and the most beautiful and desirable bride of Venice, falls in love and follows him to a strange country. Army circumstances, surrounding envy and intrigues turn the dream-like life into a nightmare.

Actors: Andris Keišs, Kaspars Znotiņš, Ivars Krasts, Jana Čivžele, Inga Alsiņa-Lasmane or Sandra Kļaviņa, Liena Šmukste, Varis Piņķis, Andis Strods, Gatis Gāga

Director – Māra Ķimele
Stage and costume designers – Inga Bermaka and Agnese Stabiņa

Venue: the Big Stage
Duration: 3 h
Prices: 7,00; 8,00; 10,00; 12,00; 15,00 EUR

Premiere on October 15, 2010


Režisore – Māra Ķimele
Mākslinieces – Inga Bermaka, Agnese Stabiņa

Otello – Andris Keišs
Jago – Kaspars Znotiņš
Kasio – Ivars Krasts
Dezdemona – Jana Čivžele
Emīlija – Inga Alsiņa-Lasmane vai Sandra Kļaviņa
Bjanka – Liena Šmukste
Rodrigo – Varis Piņķis
Venēcijas hercogs, Lodoviko – Andis Strods
Brabancio, Montano – Gatis Gāga

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