Director - Alvis Hermanis


The performance is based on the play "Sideways" by American writer Rex Pickett. It is a poignant comedy about the crisis of 40-year-olds, written in the road movie genre.
Two men go on a road trip through the wineries of California, where they meet two women. At the same time, it is a journey into the world of wine, which becomes a poetic metaphor for an American melodrama written in in the vein of Chekhov.
The 2005 screen adaptation of this play earned five Oscar nominations and won the Academy Award for Best Screenplay. After the film was released, worldwide consumption of the Merlot wine variety fell by 20%, while Pinot Noir rose by 20%. Because that was the taste of the characters in the play.

Venue: the Big Stage Lāčplēša street 25.
Duration: 3h 15 min (2 acts).
Prices: 25,00; 30,00 ER; 40,00 EUR.
Premier on October 11, 2023

“Sideways” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.


Author - Rex Picket
Director - Alvis Hermanis
Light design - Lauris Johansons
Actors - Jānis Skutelis, Ivars Krasts, Jana Čivžele, Inga Tropa, Elita Kļaviņa, Ritvars Logins, Aminata Grieta Diarra or Sabīne Tīkmane

Photographer - Jānis Deinats
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